My name is Karissa Abrams and I'm so glad you're here! My goal is to make illustrations and design that are  fun, functional, and  tell  a story. Whether that's your brand story, a children's book, or editorial my goal is to make your content shine. I love  autumn, foggy forests, my two miniature schnauzers, and hot tea on a cold morning.  My favorite books to read are sci fi, and I love slice of life anime. If you think we click and want to get started on a new project

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From your basic logos to brand collateral to your website, we are committed to creating a hand crafted and beautiful brand that  tells the story of your business and attracts dream customers.

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My main goal when creating is to show a viewer a new world, whether that's a smaller part of the world in which they currently reside, or a whole new creation. When creating for brands, it's showing the world of that brand; showing their process, their reality, and what the world looks like through their unique viewpoint. 


Most of my inspiration comes from the natural world, both the real animals and plants around me and the magical realism of daily life. I am inspired by fairy tales, sci-fi, and the small details that might be missed. I love my two schnauzers and my forest of houseplants. 

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